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30ml of Propaganda Salts Blue Slushee E Liquid - Hand Made in the USA! Propaganda Salts Blue Slushee/Blue Frost E-Liquid - 30ml
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Nicotine salt liquids are formulated to allow higher nicotine levels to be used without the harshness that is associated with traditional nicotine at high levels. The properties of nicotine salt also allow for more rapid absorption to the blood stream. They are an excellent choice for low power (under 20 watts) devices and are ideal when trying to quit cigarettes. They are not designed for making huge clouds or chain vaping.

Nicotine salt liquids over 12mg are designed for low power Pod Devices, eGo/EVOD
based setups or low wattage pen devices. Nicotine salt liquids over 12mg should NOT be used with high wattage (over 20 watts) as they will provide too much nicotine too quickly to the user. For More Information Please Visit Our Nicotine Salt E-Liquids & Pod Systems Information Page.

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