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One-Time Age Verification Required

Nicotine Nirvana is committed to keeping Electronic Cigarettes & E-Liquid out of the hands of minors and will NOT ship orders to any recipient (ship to name) under the legal age of 21.

We will attempt to verify the age of the recipient (ship to addressee) of each order using public records data bases & other third party sources. If we are unable to verify that the recipient is of legal age we will request that a copy of a state issued Drivers License or Identification Card be provided to us.

By placing an order with Nicotine Nirvana you are agreeing to furnish age verification if it is requested by Nicotine Nirvana. If you are unwilling or unable to provide age verification please do NOT place an order.

Age verification is required only once per recipient.

Some common situations that prevent us from obtaining third party age verification & requesting your ID are:

1) Recent name change(s) - marriage or divorce.
2) Recent or frequent change(s) of address.
3) Common name - John Smith for example.

To avoid possible delays or cancellation of any orders you may submit age verification prior to it being requested by emailing a scanned copy or digital photo of the recipients ID to us at:

[email protected]

The copy of the ID must be legible & must match the name of the recipient (ship to addressee) of the order.

Age Verification is a ONE-TIME process per recipient & you can be assured that your information will be used for the purpose of age verification ONLY & will NOT be shared with any third party EVER.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation & are confident that our customers want to keep Electronic Cigarettes out of the hands of children as much as we do!

Nicotine Nirvana Will NOT Accept Orders From Anyone Under the Legal Age!
Age Verification Required

Nicotine Nirvana makes no claims regarding the medical aspects of the products offered at this site. The products offered at this site are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease nor are they intended to replace the advice of any health care professional. These products are not approved as nor do we claim them to be tobacco cessation devices. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and should not be used by anyone who is allergic or sensitive to nicotine or by woman who are pregnant or breast-feeding. Under no circumstances will Nicotine Nirvana be held liable or accept liability for any damages caused by or alleged to be caused by the use of any products offered at this site.